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August 8, 2017

Why First Looks Are The New Tradition

The First Look seems to be a huge point of contention among engaged couples. I’ve written out the benefits of a First Look for you so that you can make the best decision for the two of you and what you want for your day. Please know that you are NOT required to do a first look. The decision is completely 100% up to the two of you. I only want the best for my couples, and I just wanted to give you the information you need to make an educated decision.

Opponents of a first look usually make their decision based on firmly rooted tradition. But what if the first look is the new tradition? What if the reaction you’re seeking during those magical moments while you’re walking down the aisle isn’t diminished by a first look, but rather enhanced?

Here are my favorite benefits to doing the first look:


This tends to be the #1 reason that couples want to opt out of the first look. You’ve dreamt about the moment they see you for the first time. But even if you do get teary eyed when seeing each other down the aisle, you are standing in front of more than 100 people and are going to nervous and try to keep it together because you’re in front of all those people. But if you want that real emotional expression when you first see each other, the first look is where it’s at because you’ll be 100% comfortable and won’t be afraid to let emotion show. So if you’re looking for that reaction, this is the exact why you most definitely should opt for the first look.


When you walk down the aisle in front of hundreds of your closest friends and family, there’s no doubt he’ll be shocked with how incredibly gorgeous you look. But he doesn’t have a chance to tell you that, admire your beauty, embrace you, kiss you, cry with you, laugh with you…until after the ceremony, when the moment has worn off. With a first look, there are no onlookers or distractions.


When you have a first look, it’s a huge chunk of your day that you just get to be together with no distractions. Your coordinator isn’t checking the clock, your guests aren’t interrupting your to say hi, your mom isn’t following you around asking questions, your bridal party isn’t goofing off behind you. I think you get the point. It’s just the two of you (well, and me). That time alone together on your wedding day is precious.


Instead of being a nervous wreck as you await your walk down the aisle, you’ll be filled with love, joy, and excitement. You’ll be relaxed. The emotions that show on your face will be amplified. You’ll be completely in the moment with your new spouse and your friends and family, and your memories will be completely clear rather than hazed by your nerves.


Since you’ll already been in romance mode, your bride and groom portraits will be AMAZING since you’ll be ready to love on each other! It’s often difficult to get back into that mode following family photos and bridal party photos if you opt to forego the first look.


With a first look, you’ll get on average of 40% more bride and groom photos than you would without a first look, and they’ll be even more amazing + full of emotion. And because first looks usually occur in early afternoon light, you’ll get lots of variation since I request a little bit of time around sunset to give you more photos in the best light possible. Since photography is a huge investment, you’re getting more bang for your buck when you do a first look.


Because the first look happens right after your hair and makeup is complete, you’ll look your best during your first look and couple portraits. You won’t have to worry if your makeup needs to be replied. Seems silly, but every bride thinks about it!


This might not seem like a benefit until you think about this. You’ve spent the past year planning every last detail of this day. And if you don’t have a first look, you only have a few hours to enjoy it as newlyweds. If you have a first look, you can add up to three hours of time to your wedding day to enjoy it with one another!


If you opt for a first look, we’ll likely complete all bride and groom photos (minus our sunset + night portraits), bridal party photos and family photos before the ceremony. This means that your guests won’t have to wait around. This means that you get to go to your cocktail hour and enjoy your party. This means that you can actually hang out with your best friends on your wedding day instead of being rushed. It’s a win-win!

Plus you get photos like these if you’re lucky!



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