The Wedding experience

investing in more than just pretty photos

we've all heard the horror stories...

The awkward photographer making uncomfortable requests. 
The months upon months it took to see even one photo. 
The disappointment when the photos just didn't live up to expectations. 

photography is more than just images

It's a real part of your day

You’re inviting someone into some of the most intimate moments of your life - it’s a big deal. You’re only doing this thing once after all.

Your experience can and should be FUN 

- A photographer that feels more like an old friend than a stranger, who you trust to do your day justice.
- Getting instant, photographic proof that your wedding was indeed AWESOME - the very next day.
- Having wedding photos that you are just plain obsessed with and proud to hang on your walls.

  Not only do you deserve beautiful images, you also deserve an amazing experience — that’s where I come in.  

Imagine instead...

Here's how the whole thing works:


Let’s Be Friends!

The first step is to inquire through the contact page and just like that, our friendship has begun! 

From there let’s chat in person or over FaceTime. I want to hear all about who asked who out, who makes who laugh, and what you’re most excited for! Coffee (or cocktails) on me!



Make It Official 

Our first date went great, we totally vibe, and we’re ready to make it official! 

I’ll send you a custom online booking proposal where you can review your collection and pay your deposit to save your date. Now that you’re officially a #kcsweetheart, let’s get this party started! 



Engagement Session

Forget about awkward poses and not knowing what to do with your hands - we’ve got this! Think of your engagement session as the perfect practice round. We get to build our friendship and you can get a clearer idea of what to expect on the wedding day. By the time your big day comes you’ll both be total pros which will make your wedding photos more natural, fun, and way less stressful!



Timeline talk

I love creating custom timelines for my couples to guarantee that we’re completely prepared and ready to rock your wedding. Doing so ahead of time allows us to make sure that all the time that’s needed for photos has a place in the schedule. I know how to create the perfect timeline for not only for a photography-friendly day, but a stress-free one! 



wedding day

It’s here! It’s time to celebrate, relax, and hang out with all your favorite people - and I’ll be by your side capturing it all! After the wedding, you can expect a sneak peek of your photos as early as the next morning and you’ll be featured on blog that next week! I love to share weddings while the excitement is still fresh instead of keeping couples waiting!


start over

you did it!

What happens when the cake is cut, the champagne runs dry, and the confetti is all swept up? You get to relive the joy of your day over and over through your photos

 (Popping champagne is highly recommended)  


What it's really like to be a #kcsweetheart

watch the video


Please know that timeline planning, pre-wedding date cocktails, vendor recommendations, fist bumps, and hugs are always on the house. 

Coverage options for elopements, intimate weddings, and destination weddings are also available 

Wedding Day Celebrations start at $2800

contact me


Get insider info on how to have the most stress-free and ridiculously fun wedding. Plus, a worksheet to get you started on your own custom timeline!


Wanderlust List


Glacier National Park
Lake Tahoe

New Zealand
Pacific Northwest 
San Francisco

New York City
Napa Valley

Getting married in one of these places? Ask about destination wedding info and a sweet deal! 

New York City
Napa Valley
Lake Tahoe

Glacier Natural Park
New Zealand
Pacific Northwest
San Francisco

Yes! I love destination weddings and have been lucky enough to travel all over the world shooting weddings. Send me more info about your travel plans and I’ll create a custom wedding collection to suit your needs! 

I hope by now you’ve realized that a lot of what I do is different than many of the other photographer’s out there - from my vibrant photo style to my emphasis on fun and beyond. 

Weddings are my jam so I choose to photograph only weddings and don’t dilute myself with other types of photography work. 

All of this adds up to one thing for you: no worries. With over 100 weddings under my belt, I can handle what your wedding day dishes out and I’ll create totally unique, obsession-worthy photos for you. 

We’re having a destination wedding do you travel? 

What makes you/your work different? 

Most of the gorgeous images you see on my site are from couples who told me that they were “awkward in front of the camera”. Yet time and time again they were shocked with how comfortable they felt while I photographed them! You will, too. 

But can WE really look like the people on your site?

here's what others have asked:

Questions? No worries!

schedule a consultation

Kaila was AMAZING!!! She made us feel so at ease and we were laughing all day with her. I usually hate how I look in pictures and what I've seen so far brings tears to my eyes with how beautiful I look. The day after our wedding and she is already sending us pictures. She was extremely timely in responding to emails, always patient when we asked a million questions, and beyond helpful on our special day. She was worth every penny and I would recommend her to anyone!


Hey Kaila! My name is (                              ) and I'm getting hitched to this person named (                          ). I found you from (                              ) and I (                              ) your work! We hope you're available on
(                            ) to take photos of us at (                                                  )!
You can call me at (                             ) or email me
 at (                                                                         ) so we can chat! Talk soon! 

let's be friends already!

In the meantime, I’ll send you over the link to my secret info website that has all the deets on collections, pricing, and more in-depth Q&As. 

Fill out these questions so I can treat you to a coffee, cocktail, or whatever it is you fancy while we chat about all the things! 

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