You’re fun, adventurous, and easy-going 

You’re so excited to throw an awesome party and marry your best friend. But you’ve never planned a wedding before and are thinking what the heck do I even want or need in a wedding photographer?! 

You know you don’t want basic, cheesy, overly-edited photos and you’re also a little nervous about being in front of the camera. But at the end of the day, you’re really worried about receiving your photos and just not loving them

your wedding photos should be too

about kaila

9 years ago I was in your shoes

I was trying to plan a wedding that was fun, unique, and most importantly totally us.

While all that was a struggle in itself, our biggest challenge in planning was trying to find the right photographer. We scoured the web (no seriously - we must have looked at every photographer out there) and while there were many gorgeous images.. I just couldn't picture myself in any of them.

We’re goofy, love to laugh, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Sound like you too? I can tell we’re gonna be friends.

how do I know all of this? 

well hey there friend, I'm kaila!

I help real couples feel totally comfortable and have fun in their wedding photos so their personalities shine through.

I create a personal, heartfelt experience to make things fun and easy - so you can stress less and experience more.

Because a fun and relaxed experience translates into fun and relaxed images!

Instead of following trends, I have worked hard to create a style of my own that is vibrant and timeless.  

When I’m not photographing weddings, you can find me trying to keep up with my two little girls, Netflix and chilling with Dustin, or having a game night with my family and friends. 

let's do this thing together!

Are you ready to get married with a fun-loving photographer by your side to capture the best moments without all the stress? 

The quiz

An at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.

can't live without

Happy place

favorite cocktail

treat yo self

candle scent


travel destination

I am dedicated to keeping things simple and transparent. The only surprises you’ll get from me will be good ones!

A good cup of coffee in the morning

Strolling through Target

A good 'ol Margarita

All things Kate Spade

Anything citrus




miles flown


years married




years in business


gummy bears 



Core values




celebrating uniqueness

giving back

I believe in infusing joy into every part of the process and maintaining a positive attitude regardless of what comes up. Always being a super positive and FUN part of your day, creating a relaxed and fun experience.

Kindness should be thrown like confetti! I want to make you, the people in your wedding party, your family, and all those you love feel well cared for. I have a 99% satisfaction rate with mothers, grandmothers, and even (sometimes) grumpy dads!

I am dedicated to keeping things simple and transparent. The only surprises you’ll get from me will be good ones!

I believe a wedding day is not just a list of details that need to be checked off. It’s a unique expression of your love and an opportunity to create a distinctive and meaningful celebration for you and the love of your life! 

Committed to loving, serving, and trying to make the world a little bit better every day. Some of the ways I do this are by donating money of every purchase to non-profits, purchasing and gifting products that contribute to charities, and hosting give-back events with my clients! 






You might be a KC sweetheart if

Your wedding is your biggest adventure yet and you can’t wait to have all your favorite people in one place

The idea of cheesy photos makes you cringe 

You love going on adventures - from trying a new brewery to big trips across the world 

You're hoping your wedding feels like a super fun party

You’re so excited for your wedding, but even more excited to be married to your best friend

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