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March 27, 2019

3 Reasons to Have Mismatched Bridesmaids

how to pull off mismatched bridesmaid trend

We all know trends come and go (especially in the wedding industry) and as you can imagine, as a wedding vendor we see A LOT of them. In fact, I was on Pinterest recently looking through and my feed was mostly filled with, you guessed it, all things wedding. I joked with Dustin and was like is this normal for someone that isn’t actually getting married?? He said no, no it’s not. Definitely a wedding vendor thing. We all have our favorite trends and the ones we hope die off sooner rather than later, if I’m being honest. There is one trend though that I personally hope is here to stay a while – mismatched bridesmaids dresses!

If you’ve been debating incorporating this trend into your wedding, here’s three reasons why I think you should:

Every girl has a different body type and personal style

When you’re putting together your bride tribe you aren’t putting together a group of 5’7”, skinny mini, perfect models (or maybe you are, who am I to say, but in that case where are you finding these girls??). You probably have a mix of thin girls, short girls, thicker girls, girls with long torsos, girls with long legs – you get the point. I think it’s great for these girls to be able to choose their own dress that can really extenuate their particular, unique features. Not only will they be so thankful, but probably also rock bridal party photos and be more willing to get down on the dance floor when they feel really confident and comfortable.

Dresses can be more affordable

If you’ve ever been in a bridal party before then you probably know that sometimes it can be really difficult to find one bridesmaids dress that all the girls can afford. You don’t want to put anyone out or be like ‘Hey, I love you so much that I asked you to stand with me on a huge day in my life but now go out and spend hundreds more than you can afford to do so.’ That might really put a damper on the whole excitement of being in the wedding party. So with this trend, the girls can search high and wide and find something they can afford and still fits all the criteria.

Even the opposite is true, if there is a girl who finds an awesome dress she LOVES and it’s more expensive than what all the other girls can or want to spend, she can still get it and be ‘matching’ while having an awesome dress she wants to wear over and over again.

It gives your wedding a unique flair 

Chances are no other wedding party will ever be wearing this same set again. It’s something totally unique to your wedding, your style, and vision for the day. It’s just another way to add a little twist to your special day.

bridesmaids in mismatched velvet dresses

Ok now that we’ve covered the why here are a few tips on the how to actually pull it off:

Tip #1: Make some ground rules

I’m sure each of your girls has their own unique, personal style and with this trend you can let them show it off – you also though have a vision for your wedding day that you want them to fit the style of.

A general rule of thumb is to change no more than 2-3 things about the dresses to maintain some sort of cohesiveness. So you can have all the girls in the same color but in different dress styles or different colors but the same fabric, etc.

The #1 way to make sure dresses look cohesive is to stick to the same gown length. Whether you choose to go for cocktail, tea length, or floor length – having them all be the same really helps pull this trend together and make it photograph well.


Tip #2: Tie it all together

An easy way to help pull the looks together is to give something else that is uniform to the look. The obvious one would be their bridesmaids bouquets – but you could take it a step further and get them all matching accessories too (hello bridesmaid gifts!)

Tip #3 Communicate

To really pull of this trend, it requires you and your group of girls to communicate a lot. Make sure you are all communicating about dress choices and keep a style board of dresses to make sure your vision is coming to life.


I’m Kaila! I help real couples feel totally comfortable and have fun in their wedding photos so their personalities shine through.

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