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December 18, 2018

Best of Weddings and Couples 2018

What another fantastic year! Yet again, I am in shock that yet another year is coming to a close. Where does the time go?!

Yet another year filled with just wonderful couples who truly live up to the ‘sweetheart’ name! The spoil us rotten, they are the most fun to work with, and they treat us like family. Can’t get any better than that!

We shot at a good variety of venues this year, which was so great for our creativity – even had a few backyard weddings! Also had the always fun, and amazing opportunity to shoot a few destination weddings this summer in Florida and Washington state!

One of my very great friends got engaged.. to my brother-in-law! Which means that I get a new sister-in-law and that next year I get to be a bridesmaid AND a photographer! Wish me luck and stay tuned for that!

Our new build finally finished and we closed on our new house this June! Spent the better part of the summer painting, installing light fixtures, and decorating – but it was so fun and nice to finally be in our space we’ve been building since last fall! Dustin and I celebrated 6 years of marriage and our girls turned 3 and 6 (in 8 days)!

This was definitely a year of slowing down. After last year’s craziness we decided to put a cap on the number of weddings we shoot each year/season so we can give our remarkable couples the same love and attention without sacrificing our family time and it’s been a breath of fresh air! We are already well over half booked for next year too, and have an incredible line up which I am so excited for!

Well I hope you enjoy some of the images from 2018 that make me fall in love with photography and weddings all over again! Happy New Year everyone!!

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