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February 23, 2018

Bella Rose Wedding

Bella Rose Wedding

Belle and Matt were married at their Serbian church in Phoenix and then celebrated their wedding at Bella Rose Estates!

Their wedding day really was as Belle described it “My Big Fat Serbian Wedding”. Rich with so much culture and traditions. It was such a fun day to be a part of!

They started the day with what they call Skup Svatova, which is a gathering of the bridal party and family at the beginning of the day. She wasn’t joking when she told me it is basically a mini wedding in itself. Lots of food, drinks, a band, and even a tent in their backyard! Matt’s side then meets up at the party while Belle stayed “hidden away” upstairs.  The traditions behind this stem from the old country when the groom’s side would come over to barter for the bride. Matt and his family brought some nice liquor over to gift to Belle’s family, it was a really nice tradition!

Then Matt and his godfather (in Serbian, the title is Kum, pronounced koom), Nicky, will leave the house to head over to the church. Belle is allowed to come down stairs now and greet everyone and have some fun! Their families started breaking out into traditional dances right on the driveway – they are definitely a bunch that know how to have a good time!

Belle and Matt then finally get to see each other at the church (both with beaming smiles)! The ceremony lasts a little over an hour, and is full of beautiful symbolism and traditions. They were both actually surprised too with the choir from Belle’s home church in Chicago who sang through the ceremony, and they were amazingly talented!

Everyone walks out of the church and waits for Matt and Belle to come out too. They come out with Nicky behind them who throws coins over our heads into the crowd (this symbolizes wish wealth upon them). Then the celebrating continues with more dancing and lots of shots of Serbian liquor and cognac.

It was a full and fun day! Seriously such a special wedding to experience!

Belle and Matt, you two are just the sweetest souls and I hope it really was your best day ever! Have so much fun in Hawaii!!

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Belle is the sweetest person, her sister didn’t get to do her dad/daughter dance at her own wedding so Belle surprised her with a redo at her own wedding!

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