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November 14, 2017

Troon North Wedding

Troon North Wedding

Emily and Thomas got married at the gorgeous Troon North Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ.

The second I met them, I could tell what an amazing match they were and then wasn’t surprised to find out they met on hah!

They met up at Zipps Sports Bar on Mill Ave in Tempe. Ate some great food out on the patio, played a game of Golden Tee, and two games of shuffleboard. Record that night was 1-1 on shuffleboard, although Thomas likes to say that he was the overall winner. Thomas walked Emily to her car, gave her a hug (he says awkward, but Emily disagrees), and then we went our separate ways.

Fast forward a couple years, and Thomas asked a co-worker’s wife to make 5 separate cards, each design containing a heart with the inside of the heart incorporating something related to things that they have done together or things that are meaningful to both of them. Each card was taped to a separate box, which had a gift inside related to the theme of the card. They had talked about getting married for a little while at this point, and a running joke at the time was that Thomas was going to propose with a Ring Pop, even going so far as to try to jokingly hand Emily one in an ice cream shop once! Their 2nd year anniversary was the day that Thomas decided to propose. They opened gifts that afternoon, and as Emily got to the final box of the five and pulled the ring pop out, Thomas got down on one knee!

Neither Emily nor Thomas are originally from Arizona, so the majority of guests were from out of town – which is so common for weddings here and I love it because it’s like one big reunion! They said to me originally that they hoped their wedding day was one big celebration! A relaxed event, good food, good music, and everyone just having a good time. I think they achieved just that!

Emily and Thomas – what an amazing day it was! Thank you two for always thinking of others (even on your own wedding day, those gummy bears were AMAZING!) and being in general being awesome people. I hope you are having a blast traveling to national parks this week and can’t wait to follow along for your Iceland honeymoon next spring!

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Venue: Troon North

Florals: Flowers by Jodi

Cake/Dessert: The Bakery Phoenix

DJ/Entertainment: All Pros DJs

Makeup/Hair Artists: Par Exsalonce in Scottsdale

Dress: Brilliant Bridal

Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Nick’s Menswear

Invitations/Paper Goods: Dco Lovenotes

Officiant: Reverend Carol George

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