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October 5, 2017

9 Tips for an Awesome Wedding Day Morning


#1 Get a good nights sleep

It may not be the easiest thing in the world with a thousand things running through your mind but – try to get a good night’s sleep the night before your big day. There’s no better way to be stress-free than to be well rested.

#2 Don’t forget about breakfast!

And a mimosa or two may help settle those nerves, as long as it’s only one or two 😉 It’s also a good idea to bring along or designate someone to go get some snacks for the getting ready room.

#3 Put someone else in charge of your cell phone

You might get last-minute calls from vendors or even friends. And while some of these may just be well wishes, many may be about the day’s plans. Designate one of your bridesmaids to this duty so you can breathe easy and just enjoy the day!

#4 Comfy shoes!

Wear them while you get ready, and have a pair on reserve in case your feet get sore throughout the day. Being uncomfortable is never fun, so don’t make yourself suffer through it. Definitely try to break your shoes in before the wedding if you can (without getting them too dirty).

#5 Surround yourself with the right people 

And the right number of people! It’s important to have a helpful, happy, and calm crew around you as you get ready. If your mom, future mother-in-law, cousin, friend, etc. contributes to your stress level, spend more time with the other VIP’s helping you get ready. It’s also important that you don’t surround yourself with too many people. Sometimes a crowded chaotic room can be an energy booster, but other times it can be a stress inducer. Know your limits, and don’t feel bad about what you want to do. It’s your day!

#6 Wear a robe

Or a button-up shirt, or tank top that can easily be taken off. You don’t want your beautiful wedding ‘do ruined before the day even begins! Added Bonus: Pre-wedding robes/matching gear are the perfect gift for your wedding party!

#7 Delegate tasks

If everyone has his or her own to-do list, you can sit back and enjoy the day without one of your own. Don’t feel guilty about dishing out duties to your bridesmaids, friends, family–whatever it may be. They are here to help and will want the same from you someday. Figure out these duties beforehand of so everyone is on the same page when the time comes.

#8 Have your dress and accessories ready to go

Make sure your dress is out of the bag, steamed, and hung up, your accessories and shoes are set out, and all tags are removed. This will make my job as the photographer SO much easier and faster, and it’ll save you a hunt for scissors at the last minute. I will send you a list before the big day with all the accessories as a reminder and that way you can delegate it to someone else 😉

#9 Be ready to accept whatever minor hitches may occur

Perfection is impossible, no matter how hard we try. Take a deep breath. Reflect. Remember why you’re here and all the amazing memories that led you to this moment. No little stress or worry should get in your way – it’s your day after all!


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