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September 19, 2017

Why Engagement Sessions Are Crucial


Ok, time to admit something… I didn’t have engagement photos done. I know, I know..but I will also admit that I regret it. I was busy planning a wedding, short on funds, and honestly just don’t like being in front of the camera. We also moved our wedding up and were having a rather short engagement so it just didn’t feel like a necessity to me.

Now on the flip side of the camera, I get it. There is just so much more to it than getting a few good photos for save-the-dates (although that’s always great too!)

Here are some of the reasons I think engagement sessions are crucial and a must-do!

1. The Goods

We’ll start with the obvious: the goods. Save-the-dates, photos for your reception, guest books, and of course an updated Facebook photo 😉

Plus, if you’re like most couples, you have not ever had professional photos of the two of you taken before and it can be really great to have some that aren’t all wedding photos.

But this is honestly not the reason at all that I love engagement sessions and strongly suggest them. It’s really just an added perk. The next few are the real reasons why it’s so crucial.


2. Getting comfortable in front of the camera

Again, most people haven’t been in front of a professional camera in a long, long time (if ever) especially as a couple. So without sugar coating it, it can be a little..well, awkward.

Think of your engagement session as a sort of trial run before the big day. You get to see what it’ll be like being in front of my camera and shake off some of the awkwardness, and I will get to see how the two of you interact. It will let me in on what posing works best for you, how to evoke those natural smiles, and all the other little quirks every couple has. That way when the wedding day comes, it will be easy and fun (which is how things should feel on your best day ever!)


3. Getting to know your photographer

As you hopefully know by now, I am a big believer in creating a connection with my couples. I really love to know all of the little details of your relationship because I feel that it helps me tell your love story on a whole other level.

But more than that, I also love, love, love when I can become actual friends with my clients because it makes the wedding day that much more amazing. I can show up as a friend instead of some random vendor, which will make you two more comfortable and is what allows me to capture those truly candid moments because you’re not afraid to be your real selves around me.


4. Celebrating this brief, but amazing moment in your lives

Your engagement is such a blip in the big picture in life if you think about it. But that one question and answer are what shape your future! I think that is something really special and that it deserves it’s own photos to commemorate this moment in your lives.


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