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September 14, 2017

Pink and White Wedding Shoot in Richmond, Virginia


Get ready for all the heart eyes today as I recap this gorgeous wedding shoot in Richmond, Virginia! A soft color palette with lots of white, but pops of bright pink! Love having those color pops in there, to me it totally makes it!

Being an Arizona native I don’t know if I’ll quite ever get over just how GREEN the east coast is! Seriously, the most gorgeous grass and trees and everything! It makes for a really fun change of pace for this desert girl!

With all that greenery though comes the rain.. so unfortunately right in the middle of bride and groom portraits the Virginia skies opened up and decided to pour on us. It actually rained a good portion of the whole trip there! Never fear though, fortunately for us, KJ has a gorgeous  indoor space with amazing light so we were able to finish up inside and personally, I love those ones!

How AMAZING is her bouquet?! I love all the greenery and of course the pops of color!


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