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September 12, 2017

Wedding Day Gifts for Your Soon-to-be Spouse


While for most gift giving I love the idea of getting creative and crafty, this is one of the exceptions. I think that giving a gift to your soon-to-be spouse on your wedding day is about being sentimental and creating nostalgia for the future. Something gorgeous that is also classic and can be re-gifted for generations. How do you think family heirlooms are created in the first place?

Wedding Day Gifts for Soon-to-be Spouse:

  1. New accessories

Something classic and beautiful, maybe a gorgeous, simple pearl necklace or some stunning diamond earrings. Something that you can put on again for special occasions and feel those butterflies come rushing back again. A nice and classy watch that is great quality and can be passed on to your son and his son.

For her: earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc.

For him: watch, cuff links, tie clip, etc.


  1. Something with your best day ever or new last name

What better way to commemorate the day you became a family with your newly minted last name then something custom. You can even tie this back in with the first one, maybe a necklace or tie clip with your wedding date on it!


  1. New signature scent

They say scent is the most powerful sense that triggers memories. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a signature scent from your wedding day that every time you wear it instantly transports you back to that happy day?

This might be one of those gifts that you pick out together ahead of time since everyone has such specific tastes in scents. But if you’ve had your eye on a new signature scent that might be a bit of a splurge, what better reason than your wedding day!


  1. Handwritten notes

I know what some of you might be thinking.. wait I have to get my fiancé a wedding day gift too?! And the short answer is no. If you both discuss it and decide that you are just too tapped out to buy yet another gift then don’t add the extra stress! If you still want to do something nice without all the extra effort though, a meaningful, handwritten note goes a long way!






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