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August 17, 2017

The Gift of Giving

One thing that most people know about me is that I LOVE giving gifts. Is there anything better than watching someone open a thoughtfully carried out present?? There isn’t much that beats it for me! I am probably one of those people that love it even more than receiving gifts (ok, who am I kidding, maybe about the same.. my love language is gifts hah!)

We all know that weddings bring about A LOT of gift giving. Obviously there is a lot of receiving as well, but as the bride you still have your fair share of gifts to dole out. A gift to your spouse on your big day, gifts to your parents, gifts to thank your bridal party, and the list most definitely can go on and on.

Since this is one of those areas in life that I would like to say I am better than average at, I thought why not combine two of my favorite things – gift giving and weddings! So it has prompted me to start a new blog series that I am super excited about. I will be doing blog posts that give lots of ideas and also some insight to any etiquette and what not that surrounds gifting during the wedding planning process. Although, be prepared for me to say a million times, like I always say – this is your wedding and you should do what you want 😉

So! Expect the first post to come out in a few weeks to kick us off. I will be going over some ideas of what to get your soon-to-be spouse as a wedding day present! I know this is a gift that lots of brides and grooms would love to give their love on their special day but sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming to think of yet another thing. In the mean time though, I would love love love to know if anyone has any specific requests or if any one that has already gotten married (I’m looking at you KC Sweethearts!) has any ideas that went over really well at your wedding that already took place!

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