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August 15, 2017

Grand Canyon Engagement


When we started making plans for Heather and Micheal’s engagement session, Heather had this vision stuck in her head.. the sunset over the canyon with them two. So romantic and something that could be turned into a gorgeous art piece. Well Dustin and I were up for the challenge, so a Grand Canyon engagement it was! We all did a quick day trip and on the way up it way really gloomy, lots of rain in the forecast. Although a little rain doesn’t scare me (because when you’re a wedding photographer you have to learn to run with anything), I was starting to worry a bit about getting those amazing sunset shots if it was raining and too gloomy out.

We got up to the south rim and started the session. It was a gorgeous day, especially when coming from Phoenix. A slight breeze, high 70’s, perfect. It was still however really cloudy out. Now, that has it’s advantages in lots of ways too, especially when it comes to shooting these large landscapes. We were able to get lots of stunning shots with all of the canyon in beautiful, even light!

Then they changed into their second outfits – also can we talk about how amazing their outfits are?! 100% KC Sweethearts, these two. Any who, we got prepped to try and get some sunset shots and wouldn’t you know the clouds started to part and this stunning sunset glowed through the trees and hit the edges in the canyon. It was breathtaking!

Hearing Heather tell their engagement story is one of my favorites. It was just so perfect for them and she gets so giddy that I can’t help but just beam myself!

It was mid December and they were nearing the end of renovating a house they had bought. You know how stressful renovating can be, and they had a bunch of her family coming in from Colorado for Christmas in a few weeks! Out of the blue Michael asks her if she wants to take a spontaneous road trip to Lake Las Vegas in a few days for her birthday. Since things were so hectic, she totally jumped on the idea of an overnight birthday trip getaway! She had no idea though what was about it happen. When they first arrived at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas, they went for a walk through the little village there.  Every thing was lit up for Christmas and could not have been more romantic. It was the same place they had visited years ago, in May 2011 right before they had officially become an item. They then went and go all dressed up for dinner.  As she was finishing getting ready, Michael headed downstairs to bring the car around.  While he was doing that, he took the time to call all her family and tell them that he was going to propose to her that night!  He took her to the same Italian restaurant they had their first official date.  They wined and dined and listened to the lovely live music at Casa Di Amore. After dinner, since they had to leave the next day, they thought they should take one more walk by the lake through the village they loved so much. It was late enough by this point that they had the village all to themselves.  As they walked down a slight hill towards the lake, Michael said some very lovely things, and when we came to the giant Christmas tree by the water, he got down on one knee. Heather says she couldn’t have planned it better herself and no words can ever do true justice!

These two have been through so much together over the years, and I am excited for it finally be their turn to have their best day ever!

I can’t wait for the big day coming up super fast this October! And I get to work with the ever amazing Bloom & Blueprint, so I can’t wait to see what magic they pull off for Heather and Michael!!

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